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责任 Responsibility

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责任 Responsibility

Anyone can't avoid takingresponsibilities when he is alive. By taking responsibilities, we can be moreand more capable. Without responsibilities, we can't live a qualified life.


As far as I'm concerned,responsibilities include three aspects in our life: First, we must work hard.If we're not diligent, we can neither support ourselves nor achieve our goals.Second, we must take care of our parents, since they have brought us up. Wemust pay back the love to them. If we don't treat our parents well, maybe we'llbe abandoned by our children when we're old. Third, we must keep on learning, becauseour life is an infinite book. We're always reading at the first page of thisbook. If we don't go on learning, we can't keep pace with the times.


These are my opinions that I willact as I say. I believe my life will be more colorful if I do my best tofulfill my responsibilities.


大学生社会责任University Students' Social Responsibility

Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you should 
1) describe the picture, ?
2) interpret its meaning, and ?
3) point out its implications in our life.

The scene above depicts multiple rows of students in the midst of a graduation ceremony. Their academic caps and gowns signify that they have successfully completed their courses and are preparing to enter into society. The hand in the foreground holds two small screws, implying that such students are the screws that hold society together and ensure it functions properly. 

  Such an analogy encourages us to consider our purpose and place in life. While many people harbor grand desires to improve and change their respective communities and countries, not a single unit could stay together without the screws that hold things in place. Success, therefore, depends on the smaller tools, or pieces, that keep structures from tumbling. Just as screws are the small yet essential objects that strengthen and sustain, we should strive to steadily support the society we live and work within. Without our earnest efforts, communities could not be so securely maintained. 

The screws also promote a particular sense of perspective. Human society is vast and seemingly boundless, and it also important to be modest. Regardless of how great one's achievements may be, one is still only a single screw in the large machinery. But if you must be a screw, be a strong and shining one!

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