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My Friend 我的朋友

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My Friend英语作文第一篇

I have a good friend. Her name is Lily. She is 12 years old. Her birthday is February14th. It’s Valentine’s Day. She is not tall but she’s cute. Her hair is long and black. She has two big eyes. Her hobby is painting. And she likes reading. There are five people in her family. She likes her grandmother very much. Her favorite food is chocolate and ice-cream. She likes drinking milk. Her favorite color is purple.
Lily is my best friend. We are will be friends forever.

我的朋友(一)My Friend(一)  第二篇

Helen is my best friend. She is 12 years old. She is very beautiful. She has a long hair, big eyes and a small mouth. She can speak English very well. She likes painting and reading books. Her birthday is in August. Chocolate and ice-cream are her favorite food. She is lovely and smart. She is my best friend forever.
我的好朋友 My Good Friend 第三篇

Huang yixuan is my best friend. She is lovely. She is as tall as me. She has a black long hair. Her round face is always red, just like an apple. She likes smile. She like study, but doesn't like sports. She enjoys fishing. Sometimes she will ask me to go with her and her dad to fishing. Her favorite color is blue. So do I. she is good at playing piano. She is a perfect girl in my mind.

我最好的朋友My Best Friend 第四篇

I have a very good friend. His name is Philip. As far as I'm concerned, he's very kind-hearted and generous. Once I was in high school, he treated me friendly and sincerely. When I was happy, he was also happy with me. When I was sad, he always comforted me. When I was defeated, he always encouraged me. When I stumbled, he always pulled me up. Although we quarreled at times, we were still in good relationships. We could know each other better after the argument. When my birthday came, he always sent me a special present.
He's very hard-working and intelligent. He always studied hard at school. Because of his hard work, he always did very well in exams. His oral English was better than mine. Most of the time, he was willing to chat with me in English. Owing to his help, I made a lot of progress in oral English.

我的朋友 My Friend, Dick 第五篇

First, I want to tell you something about my best friend and me. I have a friend called Dick. In some ways, we are the same. Both Dick and I are good at sports. We always go to library together to read because of the same hobby. So, we also study well all subjects. Reading books is important in our life .In some ways, we are different. Dick is a little taller and a lot stronger than me. I think it is because he does excise every day. For me, I just take excise three times a week. Dick likes going to concert, but I have no interest in it. In my free time, I always watch TV. That is really fun.

我最好的朋友 My Best Friend  第六篇

   I have many friends, since I go to kindergarten, I make friends now and then, but my friend is Li Ming. He is a boy, he lives next to me, we go to school everyday, we also play together. His family is very nice, they give me food when I go to ask Li Ming, my parents likes Li Ming, too. Li Ming and I are friends forever.

我的朋友安娜 My Friend, Anna 第七篇

I have a good friend. She is Anna. She lives in Haining. She is very lovely. She is eleven years old and her birthday is in June. She's small, thin and active. She has short black hair. Her hobby is watching TV and sleeping! Her mom and dad are very good. We want to take a trip this Saturday. I like playing with her, we are very happy! There are five people in her family; they are her mom, dad, grandparents and her. Her father works in a factory. Her mother works in a company. They are very kind. This is my best friend.

我的一个朋友 One of My Friends  第八篇

I have a funny friend. He is twelve years old. His home is not far from mine. We usually go shopping together. His hobby is playing the piano. He can play lots of songs. He has a big piano. It is beautiful. His father is a worker. He works in TianTong Company. He likes reading newspapers. He usually reads newspapers after dinner. He is a great boy.

英语作文my best friend

My Best Friend 第九篇

Hello, everyone! My name is Xing Xiaoqing. You can call me Cherry.
I’m in Class 0506. Li Nan is my best friend. She’s thirteen years old. Her birthday is on 3rd October and she was born in Shen Zhen. She lives with her family in Haimen. She’s 1.60 metres tall. She has black hair and she wears glasses. She is very lovely and pretty.
She likes eating dumplings, chocolates, peanuts and vegetables. She dislikes pork, sweets and green tea.
She loves listening to music. She has lots of CDs. She likes reading and writing. She is the newest member of the Maths Club. She has many hobbies, such as dancing, running and playing computer games. Her favorite hobby is drawing, because she likes all the different colors. It is fun to look at the pictures when she finishes drawing them. The Dragon Boat Festival is her favorite day. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
We always have fun. We sit under the trees at lunchtime and have a good chat. Sometimes, we buy snacks from the tuck shop. On Sunday, we usually go to the bookshop. We often study together.


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