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关于我自己 About Myself 第一篇作文






  About Myself关于我自己

  My name is Li Hua. I was born in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. I studied in Guangming Primary School from 1984 to 1990. Then I entered NO. 6 Middle School where I mainly learned the subjects like Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry and computer. I have been very fond of and good at English and computer ever since. Therefore I placed first in the school computer competition last year. My hobbies include swimming in summer, skating in winter as well as collecting stamps and listening to popular music in my spare time.


  2)个人简历这样的介绍说明文要按照时间顺序(time order)安排文章结构。所以,在文章中多用像“from 1984 to 1990”,“then”,“ever since”等这样的表示时间顺序的衔接词语(cohesive words/transitional words)达到文章在连贯(coherence)。虽然文章在整体上是以时间顺序写的,但也不排除使用其他逻辑关系的衔接词语。例如,本文倒数第二句开头用的就是表因果关系的衔接词“therefore”。这样,就把由于“I have been fond of and good at English and computer.”,因此“I placed first in the school computer competition last year.”之间的因果关系表达出来了。所以,在安排文章的结构时,说明顺序词语的运用应根据具体情况灵活掌握,不能死搬硬套

自己的基本情况 Their basic situation  第二篇作文

Dear Jim, I would like to tell you something about myself.I am a student.I am thirteen years old.I am in Class One,Grade One in No.2 Middle School in Guigang.I like English very much.I think you can help me with my English.There are four people in my family.My father is an office worker and my mother is a Chinese teacher.My sister is a student,too.She is in Grade Two.I have a happy family.Let’s be good friends and help each other. Please write soon. All the best! Yours, Li Hua

介绍自己 Introduce Myself  第三篇作文

  Hello everyone. My name is Zhou Yan, I am fifteen years old. I am 1.6 meters tall. I am very fond of painting, dancing ballet, reading, swimming and playing piano in my spare time. I like eating breads, vegetables and fruits. My mother is a math teacher and my father is an engineer, and I have a little sister. I love them very much. I started playing piano since I was five, my dream is to be a pianist.


To introduce myself 自我介绍  第四篇作文

  Hello,everyone! (大家好!)

  My name is Winnie(我名叫云妮。).I'm a 15 years old girl. (我是一名十五岁的女孩。)I live in the beautiful city of Ganzhou.(我居住在美丽的赣州市。)

  I'm an active, lovely and clever girl.(我是一名活泼,可爱,聪明的女孩。)In the school, my favourite subject is maths.(在学校,我最喜欢的科目是数学。)Perhaps someone thinks its difficult to study well.(或许有人认为想学好它有一定的困难。)But I like it. I belive that if you try your best, everything can be done well.(但我喜欢它,我相信如果尽了自己最大的努力,任何事都能做好。)

  I also like sports very much(我还很喜欢运动。).Such as, running, volleyball and so on.(例如,跑步,排球等。)

  I'm kind-hearted.(我心地善良。) If you need help, please come to me .(如果你需要帮助,请来找我。)

  I hope we can be good friends!(我希望我们能成为好朋友。)

  OK.This is me .A sunny girl.(好了,这就是我,一个阳光女孩。)

考研英语作文模板:自我介绍  第五篇作文

Part A
Write a letter to a friend of yours to
1) recommend one of your favorite movies and
2) give reasons for your recommendation.
You should write about 100 words on ANSWER SHEET2.
Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “Li Ming” instead.
Do not write the address. (10points)

Dear Liu Lei,
I‘m writing to tell you about a fantastic movie I have just watched, as we always share the same taste of movies.
The movie is Avatar, which tells a story of a soldier who, on an alien planet filled with exotic life forms, finds himself torn between two worlds in a fight for the survival of the alien people. Besides the touching and thrilling story, the movie also features brilliant visual effects, thanks to the talented director and advanced computer technology.
So I recommend it to you as one of the best movies I have ever watched. I‘m sure you will love it as much as I do. I’m looking forward to discussing more with you after you watch it.

Li Ming


self-introduce 自我介绍  第六篇作文

teachers,good afternoon.
Allow me to briefly talk about myself. My name is - xx graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional. I was a character,cheerful girl,so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis,volleyball,skating. When a person like the Internet at home,or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books,and family members have told me,Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family,then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family , my grandmother , grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer,I am very severely on peacetime,the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly for the elderly,care for my life in every possible way. Therefore,I have no parents in their care,childhood and growth were full of joy. I like this hotel management professional,because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope,as long as the efforts will be fruitful,this is my motto. Since I chose this profession,I will follow this path,effort,perseverance path.
Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.



That's Me 这就是我  第七篇作文

Hello, everyone. I am a 16-year-old boy with great confidence. My name is Alek. I am a student from Haimen Dongzhou Middle School.

I love English. I’ve been interested in English since I first learnt it. Gradually, my interest grew and grew, and now, when I speak English, I try to speak it loudly and clearly. In my daily life, I take every chance to practise my English. I am becoming more and more confident in my English ability. I believe nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind to it. With the help of English. I am sure I will be a man of the world because English is a bridge to the world.

I am fond of playing Ping-pong. Whenever there’s a Ping-pong match, I always try  http://www.gaoZhongzuOwen.Cn/ to watch it, to see how the players play and learn their techniques.

I also enjoy music. Music makes me relax and happy. So, I often listen to music while I’m lying in bed. I really enjoy that happy time.

My favourite food is beef. I like it ever so much because I think it’s the most delicious food in the world.


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